The Viking Raiders Save Cedric Alexander From The O.C.

Cedric Alexander faced WWE United States Champion AJ Styles on RAW this week in a non-title match. Alexander wanted to get revenge because the O.C. attacked him prior to his WWE King of the Ring tournament match last week. Though the O.C. attacked Alexander, the Viking Raiders saved him before the assault got out of hand.

Steve Austin hit Styles with a Stunner before the match so Alexander charged to the ring and dominated the match early on. He didn’t even give Styles a chance to get his wits. Styles briefly managed to take control but Alexander took him down with a dive to the outside. The champion targeted Alexander’s injured arm to gain momentum again. Alexander fought back and nearly pinned Styles with a Michinoku Driver. Gallows and Anderson attacked Alexander and the referee disqualified Styles. The Viking Raiders charged to the ring and attacked the O.C. The Viking Raiders planted Anderson with a Viking Experience.

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