Steve Austin Flips Off AJ Styles & Gives Him A Stunner, Universal Title Match Signed

As advertised, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin kicked off tonight’s RAW at Madison Square Garden. He was there to officiate the contract signing between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and his fellow Tag Team Champion, Braun Strowman.

“Stone Cold” started off by telling some stories about his time wrestling in the Garden and he then invited the two men into the ring. Rollins was first to sign the contract and he vowed to still be the “best wrestler on the planet” after Clash of Champions.

As teased, Strowman had some tension with “Stone Cold” by telling him that a rattlesnake was still a rattlesnake. He then said that he loves being the Tag Team Champion, but he’ll love being the Universal Champ even more. He then quoted Austin by saying he was going to “open a can of whoop ass” and that Rollins would “get these hands.”

After Strowman signed the contract, they were interrupted by The OC, who asked if anyone still cares about Austin anymore. AJ Styles then threw a fit over the crowd chanting “What?” at him. This caused the crowd to chant “asshole” at Styles, and Austin enjoyed every moment of it. After The OC came into the ring, Rollins and Strowman attacked Gallows & Anderson and left Austin alone with Styles in the ring. This led to a great stunner on Styles by “Stone Cold.”

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