ROH Wrestling Results (9/7/19): Champions vs. All-Stars

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired September 7, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show starts with a video package showing how Matt Taven, Shane Taylor and the Briscoes won their respective championships. Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay welcome viewers to the show and preview its matches.

A video package recaps Joe Hendry’s debut at ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage, where he confronted Dalton Castle.

In a backstage video, McKay interviews the Briscoes, Taven and Taylor. Taven says they’re the champions for a reason. Taven asks McKay to show them some respect. The teammates argue when Taven says he’s the captain.

In another backstage segment, LSG hypes up Shaheem Ali before his match with Rhett Titus. Kenny King interrupts them and says it makes him sick to think about what he and Titus used to be. KIng implies he’s taking Coast 2 Coast under his wing.

Riccaboni and McKay discuss the Top Prospect Tournament and show some highlights, starting with Brian Johnson’s match with Austin Gunn. Gunn pins Johnson with a Fameasser to advance in thr tournament. In Ken Dixon’s match with the Haitian Sensation,, a heel kick puts Dixon away. Lastly, Dak Draper defeats Makita with a Magnum Drop.

Riccaboni and McKay preview the ROH and CMLL Global Wars event.

Champions vs. All-Stars: Jeff Cobb, RUSH, Kenny King and Jay Lethal vs. the Briscoes, Shane Taylor and Matt Taven (replayed from ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage)

RUSH tags in, which prompts Matt Taven to tag Jay Briscoe. They trade blows and RUSH gains the upper hand. Jay Lethal tags in after RUSH spits in Jay Briscoe’s face. Mark Briscoe enters the match and rolls Lethal up for a near fall. King tags himself in and chops Mark before stealing Lethal’s cartwheel dropkick. Taylor enters the match and wants to face Cobb, who tags in. Both men square off and charge each other. They can’t take each other down with shoulder blocks but Cobb drops Taylor with a dropkick.

Cobb chops Taven and floors him with a shoulder block. Lethal tags in and hits a diving double axe-handle before the All-Stars take turns striking Taven. A springboard guillotine leg drop gets King a near fall. Lethal punches King and tags in. Taven clotheslines Lethal and tags Jay Briscoe. The Champions gang up on Lethal. Lethal fights back to his corner and King tags in. The Briscoes double-team King. The match breaks down into a brawl and Mark uses a chair to dive onto several of the competitors outside the ring. The Briscoes plant King with the Redneck Boogie but Cobb breaks up the pin. King surprisingly eliminates Jay Briscoe. Taylor and Lethal square off but King tags in.

King takes Taylor down with a dive to the outside and the match descends into a brawl again. Taylor plants King with Welcome to the Land to eliminate him. Taylor and Mark team up on Lethal, who almost gets rolled up by Mark. A Lethal Injection eliminates Mark. Taven plants Lethal with a backbreaker for a near fall. Lethal accidentally kicks the referee so the referee doesn’t see him tag RUSH and the referee forces him out. Taven low blows Lethal and Taylor almost pins him. Taven takes Cobb and RUSH down with a dive to the outside. Taylor reverses  the Lethal Injection into Welcome to the Land to eliminate Lethal.

RUSH rocks Taven with a boot but he gets caught posing by Taylor. They exchange strikes  and Taven attacks RUSH with a chair. Taven gets disqualified. Taylor drops RUSH but Cobb slams the big man. RUSH demolishes Taylor with a forearm and pins him with the Bull’s Horns.

Winners: RUSH and Jeff Cobb

Cobb tries to shake RUSH’s hand but he kicks it away and walks away.

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