All Elite Wrestling Announces Nashville Taping In Latest Being The Elite

On this week’s episode of Being The Elite, Good Ol’ JR announced during his designated BBQ time that All Elite Wrestling would be heading to Nashville for their November 13 TV taping. Jim Ross recalled calling a legendary match between Ric Flair and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville. Now, thirty years later, the announcer will be calling matches again in the same building.

The rest of episode 169 mostly concerns the Young Bucks preparing for the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament. They’re still icing up after their clash with the Lucha Bros. at All Out, and they state that they’re stating to feel the effects of their matches more as they hit their 30s.

Finally, the BTE Mailbag segment takes a turn for the weird by featuring Kenny Omega. He’s visibly out of sorts after his loss to PAC at All Our, ignoring the question on hand and rambling about his upcoming match with Jon Moxley. Will the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion be able to pull it together before next month’s TV debut? Only time will tell.

You can watch all this plus hear Luchasaurus’ opinions on Barney in the full episode below:

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