Moose Takes Shots At Ken Shamrock, Says ‘MMA Is Not A Sport’

Current IMPACT Wrestling star and former NFL offensive tackle Moose has been beefing with Ken Shamrock on social media, and he discussed their rivalry in an interview with the Irish Mirror. “Ken Shamrock is looking for attention,” declared Moose. “It seems like he is just trying to ride the coattails of somebody who can revitalize his career.” As such, he doesn’t have much interest in facing off against the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer

Moose went on to say that he doesn’t believe mixed martial arts is a real sport because anybody can do it. “I’ve never had one MMA fight, and if I got lucky I could go in there and knock out Jon Jones who is one of the best to ever do it,” said Moose. “You can’t say that for any other sport; it doesn’t matter how lucky I get, I could never beat LeBron James in basketball. These sports require skills and you cannot say the same for MMA, it’s a lucky game that anybody could win at any time.”

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