Joe Hendry On How Kurt Angle, The Rock And South Park Influenced His Career

WrestleZone’s Kevin Kellam spoke with Ring Of Honor’s Joe Hendry ahead of the ROH Global Wars Espectacular tour this weekend. Hendry talks about what it’s like to share the ring with a fellow charisma-minded man like Dalton Castle, the two legends that influenced his personality from a wrestling aspect and his major love for South Park.

On what and who his influences are in and outside of the wrestling ring:

“I’m a South Park guy. That was my favorite show. I love that style of humor and I’ve tried to employ that into the work that I do with the music and that sort of thing. In terms of where the personality sort of thing, the people who I look up to, one of them I had the chance to wrestle myself. I wrestled Kurt Angle which was an amazing opportunity, but I thought that the way that he had started his career as this kind of Olympic Gold Medalist, but still willing to see the humorous side of the things I really admire that and he mixes that with his intensity in the ring as well so to me he was the total package of a professional wrestler. And the person who kind of initially got me into the business was The Rock. To me, he crossed over. He crossed over into the mainstream and that pulled me into professional wrestling. So those are my two big influences personality wise I would say.

On what is one of his favorite South Park episodes:

“‘Make Love Not Warcraft’ is the perfect episode. I can’t provide you with a better episode right now than that, but there are ones that I maybe prefer, but that to me, if you’re analyzing that is pretty much a perfect episode.”

Hendry will face off with ROH World Television Champion Shane Taylor in a Proving Ground match tonight in Chicago.

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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