Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 70 (Photos)

This week we take a look at Mattel WWE Elite 70 from where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout! This set is the latest WWE Elite set and features the likes of:

  • Vince McMahon (Flashback)
  • Seth Rollins
  • Dolph Ziggler (with Chase variant)
  • Johnny Gargano
  • EC3
  • Finn Bálor

The Packaging

The packaging on this is the typical Elite style packaging with the white/black/red color scheme with each superstar shown on the side and back of their designated box followed by a large image and statistics on the back. The most interesting thing about the packaging though is that for Ziggler’s they feature the pink attire on the box rather than the black attire, which is the main release. Usually they feature the main attire, not the chase attire, on the box.

Vince McMahon

Vince will be one of the more sought after in the set being not only does he not have figures often anymore, but the fact it’s a flashback version that really grabs the collector’s attention. Vince’s scan is pretty good, too. Some people have an issue with it, which I can understand, but I still feel the likeness is there. He comes with his old school baby blue suit with the old school WWE logo on it as well as swappable open hands, his dress slacks, dress shoes and a classic WWE microphone. Not to mention he comes with his blue platform he used to stand on and interview superstars on, which you have to assemble as it comes in pieces.

Overall, Vince is great for the old school collector as he will fit in with your legends figures just fine. I recommend it personally as who knows if we’ll ever get another classic Vince!

Seth Rollins

Rollins is probably the least sought after and least exciting of the set in my opinion as he comes in his Shield attire, an attire we’ve seen on a lot of his past figures. This one comes with a removable rubber vest with the Shield logo on the front, which snaps in the back if you’re able to secure it unlike I was able to. Once removed he has a painted on black t-shirt followed by his black cargo pants and boots. He also comes with swappable fists and the Intercontinental title belt.

Overall, the figure is fine for anyone whom doesn’t have a Shield Rollins. At least his vest is different on this one but it’s not as exciting of a figure overall. I’d have rather seen his Thanos attire or some other attire he’s worn recently. I’m sure those are on the way though.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph is one of the underrated figures in the set. His main release comes in his black Hollywood attire with the Intercontinental title on the front of his tightss with his other logo on the back as well as his knee pads. He also comes with a removable silver jacket with logos on it as well. Ziggler features a new head scan, some say with chipmunk cheeks, but I think it looks pretty good. My favorite part of his scan is the fade in his hair to create the dirty blonde type look. He also comes with swappable open hands.

His chase variant is the more sought after as it comes in his pink tights, which really makes the figure pop as a whole. He has different logos on these tights but comes with the same scan and silver jacket. I personally prefer this one more as the pink really fits Ziggler as it’s a signature color for him and not to mention it just really stands out from his others.

Overall, both figures are very nice, but I really love the pink one. The pink one will be harder to find at retail being it’s the chase so be sure to pick yours up over on Ringside while you can. It is more expensive but the odds of finding it at the store will be much more challenging. Up to you of course!

Finn Bálor

Bálor is also underrated I feel in the set. Most people are probably annoyed we’re getting another Demon figure but it’s in his London attire, which is really cool. he comes with a cloth trench coat as well as his top hat with the tassels hanging down to recreate his Jack the Ripper look. Once removed you can see the crazy body paint detail on him, both front and back. Not to mention all the detail on his trunks, legs, knee pads and boots. His demon figures are always nice honestly. He also has swappable open hands.

Overall, this figure really impressed me once I opened it. I wasn’t as excited prior to opening it but it’s really cool. It’s nice he has a head scan that has his teeth showing, too, which at least is different than his previous ones. If you enjoy collecting his Demon figures I do recommend picking up this one as well.


EC3 is more than likely another highly sought after figure in the set being it’s his very first action figure. Sadly his popularity went way down once he hit the main roster but this figure is really nice. He has special EC3 hands to recreate his taunt as well as comes with a NXT t-shirt that drapes over his body. It’s a shame it’s not cloth but it still looks nice. He also comes with an NXT microphone as it’s based on his NXT run. He, too, has swappable hands.

Overall, EC3 is a really nice figure. I’m not a fan of his but his figure looks just like him and is super detailed. From his knee pads to his trunks he’s quite an impressive figure. I highly recommend picking him up as I don’t know when he’ll have another figure being he’s not on much.

Johnny Gargano

Lastly, we have probably my favorite of the set, Johnny Gargano. I was very excited to get this figure being I really enjoy him and Ciampa. Johnny looks pretty good. I feel something is a little off on his head scan but it’s still decent for the most part. He has his awesome blue and red attire with a removable rubber vest that fastens well thankfully. The detail on his trunks and boots as well as his knee pads is really nice, but he is missing his logo on his trunks, which is odd. His boots are odd though as Mattel made a very strange parts choice for those, which is the biggest complaint this figure receives. Besides that it’s a really nice figure of Johnny. He comes with a fire extinguisher as well as swappable open hands so you can recreate his taunt.

Overall, I highly recommend Johnny to go with the Elite 69 Ciampa that recently came out as they will go well together. It’s definitely his best Elite to date minus the boots but if you can overlook that I recommend picking him up as you won’t be disappointed.


Overall, this set is pretty good. It’s not my favorite lineup but there’s definitely some nice figures in the set. Mattel keeps upping their game when it comes to detail and they didn’t disappoint on this one. Don’t forget you can get them from where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

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