‘Straight Up Steve Austin’ Sees Ratings Increase After Becky Lynch Episode, Triple H Makes First Appearance On UUDD

‘Straight Up Steve Austin’ Ratings Increase After Becky Lynch

“The Man” sure does a lot when she comes around, especially for ratings. Stone Cold’s USA Network series “Straight Up Steve Austin” saw a boost in viewers from 978,000 to 1,097,000 when Becky Lynch stunned everyone with her appearance on the show. Austin even let her do the honors of delivering him a Stone Cold Stunner after sharing one of his Broken Skull IPAs with the RAW Women’s Champion.

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Triple H Makes First Appearance On UpUpDownDown

UpUpDownDown reached two million subscribers which means the channel unlocked an appearance from Triple H/ While The Game may indeed be The Game, that doesn’t mean he’s indeed much of a gamer. That however, didn’t stop “The Cerebral Assassin” from making an appearance on Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown channel.  Hunter talks about the last few video games he did try out, but a big focus of the chat involves around the enjoyment he gets from seeing the growth and success of the talent in NXT.

We’ve got two words for ya – HE’S HERE! As a special thanks to YOU PEOPLE for helping us reach two million subscribers, “The King of the Kings” Triple H (a.k.a. The Cerebral Game) makes his first appearance EVER on UpUpDownDown! The 14-time World Champion talks about what he has been playing lately, what arcade console he has for his kids at home and whether he prefers Star Trek OR Star Wars!