Brian Cage On His Respect For Ken Shamrock, Coming Back From Injury After A ‘Rollercoaster Of Downfalls’

IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Brian Cage recently spoke with Dominic DeAngelo of Wrestlezone at Starrcast III in Chicago, and the two talked about Ken Shamrock’s return to the company this week. Cage noted that rumblings of Shamrock’s return started earlier this spring around the time he won the IMPACT World Championship, and it developed into something fun that we’re going to actually see play out in an angle with Moose.

“I think it was actually Scott D’Amore that started that conversation right after I won the title.” Cage said. “It was just like some kind of random back and forth that just kind of happened, which I thought was fun and neat, and then actually led to Shamrock coming back to the company. Now he’s working Moose and yeah, if he’s sticking around and I have an opportunity to work with him that would be fantastic.”

Cage also noted how the Twitter beef between Shamrock, Moose and himself led to The Rock giving Shamrock props, which he was also quick to note that he was a Shamrock fan growing up, and called him an underrated talent.

“I thought he was phenomenal, man. And he was a jacked guy who could do some cool moves, he did some athletic stuff so he was like an old-school Brian Cage. I felt like he never got as much credit as he deserved.”

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Cage also spoke about his up and down run as IMPACT World Champion, which has been hampered by injuries. He says people want to think it’s played up for TV, but he’s really injured and it’s been one problem after the other. Cage noted that he went to Colombia for stem cell therapy, and he pointed out that his Warrior Wrestling 6 match was not only his first match back, but it was against the person he had his last legit match with in Michael Elgin.

“I’ve been out for a little while due to injury. I know everybody thinks it was just an angle on TV,” Cage said, “but no, it’s been legit. Ever since I won the title. If I hit the tip of the iceberg, it’s been a rollercoaster of downfalls ever since then. Like every time I take a step forward I take a step back.”

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