Erick Rowan Takes Out Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan, Takes Credits For Attacks

Erick Rowan finally owned up to his actions tonight on SmackDown Live, taking credit for the attacks on Roman Reigns while also delivering a beatdown to both Reigns and Daniel Bryan. After Bryan came out into the ring to once again discuss the issue and say he wasn’t a liar, it was Reigns who made his way out to confront Bryan. Unfortunately for Reigns, he was never able to get much farther, as Rowan ran out and brutally attacked him.

As Bryan attempted to put a stop to it, Rowan shoved Bryan down before getting into the ring and continuing to attack Reigns. After a moment, he grabbed a microphone and then claimed responsibility for the attacks on Reigns, while also yelling at Bryan for constantly bossing him up. “Roman. Hey big dog. You think Daniel did this? Well the joke is on you,” he said. “Hey, Daniel. Hey, buddy how you doing? You’re worse than everybody else. You think you can control me, that I’m nobody. Last week you slapped me in the face not once, not twice, but over and over again. So, why don’t you jump in the ring right now and slap me in the face? Come on, Dan. Slap me in the face! Slap me, Dan!”

After tossing Reigns around outside of the ring, Bryan stepped up to Rowan and slapped him, but was quickly put down. Rowan grabbed Bryan and put him through the commentary table, likely ending their team up and setting the stage for a brutal match between Reigns and Rowan at Clash of Champions.

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