IMPACT Wrestling Reportedly Behind On Paying Merchandise Royalties To Talent; More On Killer Kross’ Status

More details have come out regarding issues with the current pay structure and perks provided for talent with IMPACT Wrestling.

Last week, reported the company would start covering all hotel costs for talent and it would be a “consistent” policy for IMPACT on the road starting with their Las Vegas tapings next week. It was noted that while the company did pay for lodging in Mexico this month, talent has been responsible for travel-related costs in the United States and Canada. The report also stated the company saw this as a way of “giving back” by absorbing some of the financial burden due to road expenses.

According to several IMPACT Wrestling wrestlers and employees that have spoken to Fightful, the company is behind on paying them for merchandise sales; Wrestlezone has been able to independently confirm this report. Multiple IMPACT wrestlers have been in contact with Wrestlezone this past week about being owed quarterly merchandise money, with some claiming that this new travel cost policy is a way to try and ‘make good’ on being behind on paying out merchandising royalties owed to talent.

The talent speaking with us have said IMPACT has been behind on making quarterly merchandise payments to them for varying periods, and this new policy is seen as a way to calm the locker room down to prevent further legal action. Some of the sources stated they are supposed to be paid a specific percentage for merchandise sales each quarter, but haven’t received any money as it is stipulated in their contracts, noting that some others are owed money for close to a year. Multiple explanations for the missing payments were reportedly given to them, including management citing things like personnel changes and other sales data issues as the cause for the late payments.

While each person had a different account of their situation, the general feeling expressed was that they are not happy and “fed up” with how things have played out. It was pointed out by one source that checks were eventually sent out due to talent being upset at the situation, but the checks they did receive were extremely low. A few people were sent checks worth a few dollars, with some other names being owed thousands of dollars from sales. It should be noted that some talent said it’s unclear what exactly they are owed (if anything, due to lack of, or missing sales figures), but enough time has passed where something should have been paid out if they are owed money.

Wrestlezone has also learned that the performers do maintain the right to conduct an audit on IMPACT’s records regarding payment of those royalties, but it’s unclear if IMPACT management has responded to any requests for a talent audit, or why the information has not been reviewed yet. In addition to Fightful citing a non-disparagement clause in some of those contracts, it was also noted that Killer Kross has been using a lawyer when dealing with the company due to a belief that they are in breach of his contract.

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Kross has not been seen on IMPACT Wrestling programming since Slammiversary, and it’s possible we might not see him on upcoming AAA events as well. Another IMPACT Wrestling source said the company is attempting to keep Kross off of the AAA Invading NY event, noting Ed Nordholm in particular as trying to use their influence to affect the bookings. It was recently announced that IMPACT is co-presenting the event with AAA at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theatre.

This is not the first financial issue talent has had with terms of the IMPACT contracts this year, as Wrestlezone was previously told a number of contracts ultimately see talent losing money due to them being low paying. At the time of our initial report in May, talent was losing money because they were paying out of pocket for their own luggage, rental cars / Uber transportation and hotels. The situation was described as wrestlers ‘literally losing money’ after compensation and expenses.

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