WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/3/19)

Backstage, Aleister Black says if the mountain won’t come to him, he will go to the mountain. Black is going down to the ring to see if anyone is man enough to pick a fight with him.

Fire and Desire vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Cross head scissors Rose, then hits a bulldog. Rose kicks out. Rose decks Cross after a distraction by Deville. Cross sends Rose to the outside. Cross hits a crossbody off the top to the outside on Rose and Deville. After the break, Cross is getting beat down by Rose and Deville. Cross eventually tags in Bliss who chits insult to injury on Rose. Bliss DDTs Deville. Bliss goes up top. Bliss is distracted by Cross and Rose fighting on the outside. Deville gets her knees up as Bliss tries Twisted Bliss. Rose and Deville hit a running knee/Sliding leg sweep combo for the win!

Winners- Fire and Desire

Backstage, Joe makes fun of Cha Gable for being short. Joe says Gable is mentally weak and has no chance in the KOTR.

In-Ring Segment: Randy Orton

Orton says in two weeks he will be the new WWE Champion. Orton is going to prove that Kofi Kingston is not on his level. Orton demands that Kingston come out and face him like a man. Kingston’s music plays but he doesn’t come down to the ring. The Revival is beating down Kingston. Kingston stumbles out on the stage. Kingston eventually fights off the Revival, but Orton levels Kingston with a clothesline. Orton grabs a mic and yells “stupid” as he is stomping Kingston. Before Orton can say RKO Kingston breaks free and lands a few strikes. The Revival and Orton eventually leave Kingston laying after a super RKO.

King of the Ring Quarterfinals Match: Chad Gable vs. Andrade w/Zelina Vega

Before the match, Zelina makes fun of Gable’s height. Vega says Gable would win the King of the Ring if Andrade wasn’t in the tournament. Gable tosses Andrade around the ring. Monkey flip out of the corner by Gable. Gable tries another, but Andrade pushes Gable out off the ring. After the break, Gable and Andrade are trading strikes. Koppo kick by Gable. Andrade stumbles to his feet. Gable hits a rolling neck breaker. Wrist clutch chicken wing suplex by Gable. Gable runs into a big boot by Andrade. Andrade goes up top. Gable palm strikes Andrade. Andrade drops Gable into the tree of woe. Andrade lands a double foot stomp off the top! Gable kicks out! Gable hits the two amigos. Gable reverses the last suplex into two German suplexes of his own. Andrade counter Gable third German suplex into a vertical suplex. Andrade tries a double jump moonsault but Gable gets his knees up. Gable hits a moonsault of his own for a new fall. Andrade hip tosses Gable into the corner. Andrade misses the corner double knees. Gable hits the Choas Theory! Vega distracts the referee so Gable can’t get the three count. Andrade hits a spinning back elbow. Gable rolls Andrade up for the win!

Winner- Chad Gable

Chad Gable has advanced to the Semifinals of the King of the Ring tournament.

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