Baron Corbin Gives It Back To Fans Chanting ‘Corbin Sucks’ During Post-RAW Dark Match (Video)

Baron Corbin advanced in the King of the Ring tournament last night when he defeated Cedric Alexander in what has been regarded as Corbin’s best match to date, but that didn’t stop the crowd from giving the heel some hell after RAW went off the air.

Corbin looked to be wrestling Seth Rollins in a post-RAW dark match and the potential 2019 King of the Ring was feeling the wrath of some “Corbin sucks” chants. Corbin however, wasn’t afraid to give it back to the crowd by coming up with a few chants of his own which you can see below:

Baron Corbin responding to the crowd’s “Corbin Sucks” song with a song of his own during tonight’s dark match. from r/SquaredCircle

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