ROH Wrestling Results (8/31/19): Lethal & Gresham vs. Bandido & Haskins

Riccaboni and McKay preview the match between LifeBlood and Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal. Riccaboni also hypes up Ring of Honor Global Wars and the guest stars fans can see at the event.

A video package recaps the high-flying six-man tag team match from Ring of Honor Summer Supercard, where Caristico, Soberano Jr. & Stuka Jr. defeated Barbaro Cavernario, Hechicero & Templario.

A brief video package previews the Champions vs. All Stars main event for next week.

Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal vs. Lifeblood (Bandido & Mark Haskins) (replayed from Ring of Honor Summer Supercard)

All four men shake hands to start the match. Gresham and Haskins lock up and Haskins takes the Octopus down. Haskins wins the second lock-up and nearly pins Gresham. The Octopus gains the upper hand and plays to the crowd. Both men quickly counter each other and the match is a stalemate. The legal opponents shake hands and Gresham arrogantly breaks it.

Lethal and Bandido tag in and the crowd cheers for both of them. The two men lock up and taunt each other. Bandido and Lethal counter each other with fast offense and the match remains a stalemate. They shake hands again but Bandido tags in Haskins and Lifeblood double-teams Lethal. Bandido rocks Lethal with a kick to the face. Lethal tries to rally but Haskins maintains control. Gresham tags in and hits Haskins with a German suplex. Gresham grounds Haskins and tags in Lethal, who tosses Haskins into the air and lets him fall. Bandido tags in and, when he tries to bounce off the ropes, Gresham pulls them down, sending Bandido to the outside.

Gresham tries to get a chair but Lethal takes it away. The two men argue until Gresham shoves Lethal down and Haskins dives onto the former world champion. Bandido hits a Frog Splash but Gresham breaks up the pin. Gresham and Lethal double-team Haskins. Lethal puts Haskins in the Figure 4 until Bandido powerbombs Gresham onto Lethal to break it up. Gresham steals Bandido’s taunt and he gives it right back. Bandido plants Lethal with a 21-Plex and Haskins locks in the Sharpshooter until Lethal taps.

Winners: Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Bandido)

Backstage, Matt Taven says Ring of Honor is his kingdom and he’s going to put RUSH’s name on his list of fallen challengers.

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