WWE RAW Results (9/02/19)

Backstage, Cedric Alexander is telling us why he is going to win the King of the Ring. The OC attacks Alexander. Styles tosses Alexander head-first into a road case.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode vs. Ryder and Hawkins

Ziggler superkicks Hawkins. Hawkins walks right into the Glorious DDT by Roode for the win.

Winners- Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

Lacey Evans vs. Natalya

As Evans is walking down the ramp, Natalya knocks her down. Natalya gets in the ring and tells Evans to bring it. Evans and Natalya trade submission attempts. Atomic buster by Natalya. Natalya stomps on Evans back before hitting a basement dropkick. Evans rolls out of the ring. Evans surprises Natalya with a hair whips down to the floor. Evans gets a near fall. Evans works over Natalya’s arm. Bronco buster by Evans. Evans misses her double jump moonsault Natalya fires up and lands multiple clotheslines. Natalya gets a near fall. Suplex by Natalya. Evans trips Natalya into the turnbuckle. The referee pulls Natalya off Evans. Evans tosses her hanky into Natalya’s face. Evans blasts Natalya with the Women’s Right for the win.

Winner- Lacey Evans

In-Ring Segment: Becky Lynch

Lynch says she has something to say and she wants Banks to hear it. Everything Banks said last week was just a load of crap. Lynch list all of the things Banks has been given since she was brought up to the main roster. Lynch mentions that Bayley has been doing just fine without Banks and it must sting her that Lynch is the face of the Women’s Division. Banks should be where Lynch is but she isn’t. If Banks wants to do this then let’s do this face-to-face. Banks walks out on the ramp. Banks laughs at the notion that she was supposed to be Lynch. Lynch is actually right, Banks should have been where Lynch.

The only reason Lynch got anything is because Nia Jax broke her face. Banks don’t want to make this personal, it’s business. If Lynch wants to make this personal, Banks is all for it. Lynch wants Banks in the ring right now. Banks says she isn’t doing anything for free for these people. Banks is doing this for the paycheck. Banks wants Lynch and the RAW Women’s title at Clash of Champions. Lynch agrees. Banks says after Clash of Champions The Man is going to be The Boss’ bitch.

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