Bully Ray On Cody Rhodes’ In-Ring Storytelling: ‘Cody Is AEW’s Dusty’

While All Elite Wrestling gets a lot of praise for its in-ring prowess, Bully Ray highlighted Cody Rhodes’ match with Shawn Spears as one of the best at All Out. Despite having the “least amount of wrestling moves” on the card, Ray said that it was the best story told.

“The smartest thing that Cody Rhodes has done since All In is handpick his opponents,” said Bully Ray. “He handpicked the most emotional stories he could. He’s smart. The NWA World Heavyweight Championship, he handpicked Nick [Aldis] because he knows the relationship that the Rhodes family have with [that title] is why that worked. His rivalry with his brother, which is a very real life story, that’s why it worked. Asking his brother to be his partner, that’s why that worked.

“Now, he’s exhausted all of those things, what does he do? I’ll take my friend Shawn Spears, that I’ve talked about and were friends with since the day I stepped into developmental, I’m gonna have him show up and clank me in the head with an unprotected head shot … In handpicking these people, I’m gonna have Tully involved, have Arn do the run-in, he’s mastering the art of smoke and mirrors. That is why it’s working. I don’t give a s— about Cody’s wrestling moves, I only care if you can hit your finish. The rest, I want storyline. If you look at the entire show, which match had the least amount of wrestling moves and which was the best story told? … Cody is AEW’s Dusty.”

Check out the full clip below:

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