Britt Baker On Going Head To Head With NXT, AEW Making Equality A Priority

Britt Baker says there’s no “there’s no awkward conversation” between herself and Adam Cole about the pending Wednesday night wrestling wars.

Baker took part in a media scrum at Starrcast and was asked about All Elite Wrestling going head-to-head with NXT next month. She said there’s nothing awkward about it, and praised the talent of her boyfriend, NXT Champion Adam Cole, and joked that fans can watch her live and tune in to NXT later.

“There’s no awkward conversation. He’s a fantastic wrestler. He’s my favorite wrestler to watch, I think he’s wonderful, he’s so entertaining. At the end of the day, you’re going to watch me live and then you can watch him on the WWE Network whenever you want another time. You have to watch us live on TNT.”

Baker said going up against NXT doesn’t really change the goal or the mindset for the AEW locker room, because they still have a clear plan and “we still are who we are. We’re new, we’re fresh, we’re an alternative to what you’re watching in wrestling right now.” Baker says she found out about NXT’s move to USA from Cole after a NXT TV taping, and said her response was simple. “Let the games begin. All is fair in love and war right?”

In regards to AEW’s push for equality in wrestling, she said what you see is what you get with them. “There’s no secrets or hidden agenda or anything.” Baker said. “Equality is a huge priority for us, and we’re showing it on the outside and it carries on to the inside as well.”