Sheamus Does A Movie-Set Workout With Stuntman Paul Lazenby, The O.C. Plays Some ‘Good Brother’ Mario Kart

Sheamus Does A Movie-Set Workout With Paul Lazenby

Sheamus may be on the shelf for WWE, but he wasn’t against doing some stunt work with the jack of all trades, Paul Lazenby who shows the views how to avoid injury:

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… I recently found myself in Vancouver on the set of WWE movie, The Main Event. Now, everyone knows the days are long on movie sets and there’s no time to get a workout in. So I hopped out of bed at 4.30am and twisted the arm of world renowned professional Stuntman Paul Lazenby to show me how the toughest guys in Hollywood train and avoid injury. How worthwhile it was…

Paul himself is a Hollywood movie waiting to happen; a pro wrestler, MMA fighter, actor, and stuntman. He’s had his nose broken 18 times, once even by Stone Cold Steve Austin! And his training routine is carved out of pure experience and preservation. Mixing MMA routines from Bas Rutten with Foundation Training by Dr. Eric Goodman, combined with strength and stability training – Paul Lazenby’s approach to fitness should be examined by anyone looking for longevity in this fitness game. AND, he stepped me through throwing the perfect movie punch. It really is amazing the things you learn when you open your mind to… Brave Change.

The OC Plays Some ‘Good Brother’ Mario Kart

“Let’s-a go!” The Good Brothers and AJ Styles saddled up to play some Mario Kart in a recent episode on UpUpDownDown:

THE O.C. (a.k.a. THE BOW WOW BOYS) are here to play! UUDD regular AJ Styles (a.k.a. K.O.P. a.k.a. UNCLE BOW WOW) brings his tag-team partners Luke Gallows (a.k.a. BIG BOW WOW) and Karl Anderson (a.k.a. LITTLE BOW WOW) to test their friendship in MARIO KART!