Drew McIntyre Discusses Vince McMahon Introducing Him On SmackDown And More

Fightful recently interviewed WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre. Some highlights include the Scottish Psychopath’s discussion of his early on-screen WWE career and his accidental original usage of the Claymore. Transcription credit of Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.

On Vince McMahon introducing him on WWE SmackDown:

“I don’t regret anything. He’s never introduced anybody that way and I assume never will again. So that’s just part of my history. I think, no matter what, things wouldn’t have necessarily worked out the way for me they are now because I wasn’t ready for it. So, the way I look at it is, when I get the opportunity and when time is right and the right story, that moment and that run is going to be a significant part of the growth of my character. But first I need that kick ass heel run.”

On accidentally using the Claymore years ago:

For one, I had to get those pants loosened so it didn’t happen again. For those who don’t know, I ran for a big boot—when you run and kick someone in the head—the pants were too tight, I was worried about the crotch splitting. So I kicked my other leg up and landed on the back of my head. But [I] also kicked Ryback in the face at the same time and was told afterwards, when I regained consciousness, “wow, that kick looked pretty cool. [If there was any way to do it safely…”] So I watched it back and worked on it and finally figured out a safe, effective way to do the kick which became the Claymore.”

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