The Young Bucks Comment On The Debut Of Santana & Ortiz, Moving Focus Away From The AAA Titles

Despite coming out on the losing end of a well-received tag team match at AEW All Out, the Young Bucks remain one of the company’s top tag teams. After Saturday’s event in Chicago, Matt and Nick Jackson spoke to the media. Some highlights including the brothers discussing the debut of Santana & Ortiz and the future of the AAA Tag Team Championship in All Elite Wrestling.

On their general thoughts regarding AEW All Out:

Matt: “That’s a mixed bag, right? Like, my body feels like a wreck but it feels like, overall, if I’m a fan, I feel like it was a home run. Every single box was checked.”

Nick: “We’re banged up right now but I feel like the energy in the crowd was nuts and that’s all that matters. I feel like we hit a grand slam.”

Nick on his big bump at the end of the ladder match:

“Thank God I have a big forehead. My guardian angels were watching after me on this one. Eight months ago, I had a scary fall that looked very similar to today’s [bump.] This time, I went backwards. The one eight months ago, I went forwards. Let’s just say, I’m never doing that spot again.”

On the debut of Santana & Ortiz:

Nick: “The goal for AEW is to have the best tag team division in the world and they’re one of the best tag teams in the world so…

Matt: “I’m happy they’re here.”

Nick: “Yeah, I’m not happy that they beat the hell out of me after I almost died but I am happy that they’ll be a part of this division.

On the future of the AAA Tag Team Championship in All Elite Wrestling:

Nick: “That’s a wrap for this show, we won’t be featuring that title on our shows anymore. We’re gonna focus on what matters now and that’s the All Elite Tag Team Championship.

Matt: “Yeah, we don’t want to confuse our audience when we get to television and be like, ‘Hey, we have this belt and this belt and also this other one that’s called this.’ It may be too much so I think we’re gonna focus now on ours.”

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