Rare Intercontinental Champion Studio Shots, Gable Prepares For Next Round Of KOTR

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Rare Intercontinental Champion Studio Shots

In celebration of today being the 40th anniversary of the Intercontinental Championship, WWE is doing a variety of things such as running a WWE Network special and releasing various videos highlighting the championship and numerous title runs.

To top it all off, WWE has released a rare gallery of superstars posing with the IC Championship after winning it. Featured superstars include Umaga and Kurt Angle. Check out the full gallery through the tweet below.

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Chad Gable Prepares For KOTR Quarterfinals

WWE SmackDown superstar Chad Gable knocked off Shelton Benjamin last week in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament and will now move on to face Andrade for a spot in the semi-finals.

We showed you a post last week of Chad Gable preparing for his first round contest and he has now followed it up with another post showing his preparation for Andrade. Check it out below.