Daniel Bryan Releases Statement To WWE, Still Demands Apology From Roman Reigns

daniel bryan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has ‘released a statement‘ to WWE.com regarding last week’s ending to WWE SmackDown Live. He still wants an apology from Roman Reigns.

It appeared as if Roman Reigns provided the proof that Erick Rowan was the attacker which sent Daniel into a rage, causing him to slap Rowan repeatedly and telling him to leave.

Since the ending of SmackDown this week, Bryan has been relatively quiet on the matter but earlier released the following statement to WWE:

Roman Reigns speared me last week and I understand his frustration. I know how it looks. I know a lot of people don’t like me and I know I seem guilty by association, but that doesn’t make me a liar. Erick Rowan is the one to blame and I have had nothing to do with this. Therefore, I still deserve an apology from Roman Reigns.

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