Lucha Bros Retain Titles In Ladder War, LAX’s Santana & Ortiz Make Their AEW Debut

The Lucha Bros. were able to retain their AAA Tag Team Championships against The Young Bucks tonight at AEW All Out, but things got extremely chaotic afterwards. In what will go down as an instant classic for All Elite Wrestling, both tag teams gave it their all in an effort to walk out as champions. Unfortunately for The Young Bucks, though, the Lucha Bros. were able to shake off multiple moments of defeat and emerge as the victors.

However, after the match, two masked men entered the ring, and quickly shoved the ladder that the Lucha Bros. were celebrating on over. After they fell, the men quickly got to assaulting the two, they unmasked themselves to reveal that they were none other than LAX’s Santana & Ortiz. It seems the two have made their way to All Elite Wrestling, and are ready to begin competing immediately, by the looks of it.

For a brief breakdown on just how the match goes, check out below, and make sure to check out our live results as the show continues:

Nick goes up the ladder as Matt and Pentagon crash to the mat, then Pentagon shoves the ladder and Nick goes crashing through the two tables on the floor that he’d set up earlier. Matt and Pentagon climb the ladder and Matt rips Pentagon’s mask off, and Pentagon stops to cover his face and crashes to the mat. Fenix runs in and Matt superkicks him from the ladder, then Pentagon runs over and tips the ladder and we see Matt slam down on the side of it. Pentagon rolls outside to cover his face and get his mask back, then he assists Fenix with a package piledriver combo on a ladder wedged in between the ring apron and the barricade. After they set a ladder back up, the Lucha Bros climb up the ladder together and reclaim their titles to win the match.

The Lucha Bros are attacked by two masked men, then they target the Young Bucks by hitting Matt with a flipping powerbomb combination. They finally take their masks off to reveal themselves to be Santana and Ortiz, the former members of IMPACT Wrestling’s LAX.

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