Riho Defeats Hikaru Shida, Women’s Title Match Set

Riho took down Hikaru Shida tonight at AEW All Out, which means she will be facing Nyla Rose for the inaugural AEW Women’s World Championship in October. After a back-and-forth match that saw both superstars give it their all, it was Riho who was able to come away with the win after she successfully dodged a knee strike and then trapped Shida with a rollup pin for the victory. After the match, Nyla herself came out, staring down Riho as the two now prepare to face off on October 2, when All Elite Wrestling will debut on TNT in Washington, DC.

For a brief breakdown on just how the match goes, check out below, and make sure to check out our live results as the show continues:

Riho goes for a 619 but it gets blocked, then Shida goes for a stretch muffler but Riho counters and gets a near fall rollup. Riho goes for another rollup but transitions through into a double stomp, then Shida connects with a fallaway slam before Shida knees her Riho in the head for a near fall. Shida connects with a step-up enziguiri, then Shida tries to pull her up to the top turnbuckle and is successful as she hits a suplex over the turnbuckles. Shida keeps punching Riho and they head back up to the top turnbuckle, and Riho shoves Shida back, connecting with a huge double stomp in the air before she connects with a running double knee strike for two. Riho heads up top but Shida sidesteps her, only to have Riho hit another running knee strike before Shida connects with a big backbreaker for two. Riho ducks a knee strike by Shida and spins around, transitioning into a rollup for the win.

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