NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff Results (8/30) – New Champion Crowned, Cesaro’s Open Challenge, Bate vs. WALTER

Noam Dar vs. Travis Banks

Dar backs Banks into the corner before Banks does the same, then they trade off on reversals before Dar gets a snapmare and a leapfrog before going for an ankle lock. Banks escapes and hammers in with some forearm shots, then kicks Dar in the chest.

Banks walks into some shots from Dar, who crotches Banks on the top rope before stomping Banks’ hands and slapping him in the face. Dar snapmares him and throws some more forearm shots, but Banks trade some shots right back. Dar regains the offensive advantage and whips Banks before walking into a dropkick and a German suplex. Dar avoids a top rope maneuver and they transition to some standing reversals before Dar comes right back with some kicks to the head. Dar gets a crucifix for a near fall, then he goes for the Nova Roller but Banks cracks him with a bicycle kick. Banks goes for Slice Of Heaven, but Dar counters and puts him in an ankle lock.

Dar kicks Banks a few times after the hold is broken, then Banks comes back with a double stomp and follows with a suicide dive after Dar rolls outside. Banks hits Slice Of Heaven off of the barricade, then he heads up top and connects with a double stomp for two. Banks and Dar exchange strikes again, with Dar hitting some European uppercuts, then Banks hits a rolling elbow. Banks heads up top, but Dar kicks him off the ropes and hits Nova Roller for the win.

Winner – Noam Dar

Ilja Dragunov vs. Cesaro

Cesaro’s open challenge was answered by Dragunov. The match starts with some forearms by Ilja, then Cesaro connects with some chops. Cesaro applies a side headlock and blocks a crossbody attempt, then they exchange chops and uppercuts. Ilja hits a boot and a chop, follows with a senton and corner clothesline, then Cesaro catches him off guard and dumps him outside. Cesaro slingshots Ilja into the barricade, then Cesaro gets him back inside and works him over in the corner. Cesaro connects with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall and goes to set up the Cesaro Swing, but Ilja blocks it. Cesaro slingshots him into the bottom rope, then Ilja makes a comeback and goes for 61 Line, but Cesaro finally gets him in the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro then applies a Crossface, but Ilja breaks it and gets a near fall from a roll up. Ilja connects with 61 Line and both guys are down on the mat, then they exchange near fall attempts off of a backslide pin before Ilja hits a deadlift suplex and a suicide dive.

Ilja connects with a top rope missile dropkick for two, and follows with some chops and forearm shots. Cesaro throws some more strikes and they continue to go back and forth, then Cesaro hits a GTS for two and follows with a running European uppercut for another near fall. Ilja ducks another European uppercut and hits a Death Valley Driver into the corner and follows with a back senton. Ilja goes for the Moscow Torpedo but Cesaro counters, hitting a pop-up European uppercut and ends it after the Neutralizer.

Winner – Cesaro