Dean Malenko On Prepping AEW Talent To Be TV Ready, The Driving Motivation In His Career

Dean Malenko spoke with the press at Starrcast in Chicago and talked about what he brings to All Elite Wrestling as a veteran of both WWE and WCW. Malenko says he can help talent not worry about small things, and just wants them to work the best they can and put on a great show.

“If you do that, you’ll always be fine. If you’re always worrying about someone behind you,” Malenko said, “there’s always pressure to be better all the time. I can help guide that pressure.”

Malenko added that he knows Tony Khan wants to focus on tag team wrestling, and his experience will be a big boost to AEW. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with my brothers as a tag partner, Chris Benoit, and a couple of other guys.” Malenko said. “I was involved with tag matches for a long time and I think they’re just more exciting than a singles match if done the right way. I think just looking now at the roster that we have and a couple of the tag teams that we can pull into this company at some point. There’s a lot of talented tag teams out there and I’m looking forward to working with all of them.”

Malenko said his driving motivation throughout his career was to have good matches and have fun with his friends. He says he doesn’t think he needs to necessarily help AEW get better, but he can guide younger talent and help get them ready for television.

“Not better, I think a lot of my experience will help Cody out and help a lot of these young guys get adjusted to TV. TV is a whole different animal than when you’re doing live events. It’s a beautiful luxury that you don’t have commercials built into them where TV you do so your matches are chopped up a little bit.” Malenko stated. “You got a guy in there dealing with time because you have a span you have to reach when you’re doing an 8 to 10 show, you have to be off the air at a certain time. I’m here to help these guys learn how to do that, instruct them on the best way to do that and get over. And try to get them recognized with this new audience that’s coming up.”