Triple H Plans To Bring In NXT U.K. Talent For Wednesday Night Show

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

WrestleZone’s Harry Kettle was on an NXT UK conference call with Triple H and asked “The Game” what the board looks like for the NXT UK brand as the U.S. brand makes its way to Wednesday night on USA Network:

“I think the letters in the front of it say everything about it. I believe that there is a banner of NXT, sort of an oversight of the brand that permeates both of the brand that you see in the U.S. and the brand that you see in the U.K. I think you’ll see that resonate in other markets around the world. I’m not saying that others don’t bring that but it’s a little but of a symbol of in-ring excellence I think that we’ll bring that to the table in a different way.

“As you see in the U.S., NXT making the shift over to the USA Network with a different platform here in the middle of September and moving forward, going to two hours live every week. I definitely intend to have the talent from the U.K to be a big part of that. I want them to be recognized around the world, not only for the excellence where they are, but they’re some of the best in world regardless of where so they will definitely be a big part of that show as well and that is only to enhance their platform and their recognition globally.”