Vampiro Talks Health Issues, Lucha Fight Club & More On His New Podcast

Vampiro has a new podcast called “Vampiro Rituals” featuring his co-host Jon Waglund and in the opening episode, Vampiro discusses his recent health issues, getting back in the ring and what the future holds for his new promotion Lucha Fight Club. Quotes and audio are all below:

Vampiro discusses his new promotion Lucha Fight Club and his wrestling school Vampiro’s Wrestling Academy:

I was asked by the FFC an MMA organization in Croatia if I could put events on in the Rio hotel in Las Vegas. They wanted Lucha libre style And I said of course I can. I don’t like it to use the word indy promotion, I prefer to use the word smaller promotion.It’s specifically geared to men and women who haven’t made it to the big show yet, and are looking to take that next step. They need a launching pad to stardom.  We had wrestlers from all around the country, and it was tremendous.

Discussing Lucha Fight Club and their first event:

To see the look in the eyes of the young talent, The tears of joy, and to see the look in the eyes of their friends, family, and children competing in front of them at a bigger stage was one of the best experiences of my career. I was able to make someone’s dream come true and to be able to be part of their journey. It was so great brother, and I’m so blessed from God to have these opportunities. I’m hoping to turn it into a living, and I’m not gonna let any of these men and women down. 

Who knows what’s going to happen, but all the listeners of our podcast are going to be part of the journey.

On making some appearances in wrestling this year again:

I’m getting back in there all across the country and making appearances this year, in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and tons of other places. I’m hoping to be part of something bigger, in addition to my own promotion in American wrestling very soon and getting back in the mix.

How you feeling getting back in the ring?

It sucks, I feel it every time hitting the ropes and taking a bump. (Laughing) when you’re actively wrestling, you’ll feel it less and less because you’re doing it all the time.  When you’re wrestling every day you don’t feel it till the next day because you don’t have time to feel the hurt.  But I love it, I really really love it.

(Transcription credit should go to Jon Waglund)

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