Social Roundup: Sugar Bear Wants In On Becky’s Wedding, The Bellas Clash, Drake Gets Out of Dodge

Getting married while you and your significant other are WWE superstars can have some weird side effects. See the following tweet as exhibit A, where fictional cereal mascot Sugar Bear tries to get an invite to The Man’s wedding. We can only hope that Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins have some cereal on hand at the ceremony.

Tonight on NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, The Bella Twins will be facing off, much as they did during their “memorable” 2014 wrestling feud. The twins seem a lot more playful about their rivalry now, sending out a video message on Twitter.

After SmackDown last night, Drake Maverick and wife Renee Michelle couldn’t get out of the arena fast enough. Drake may have been left carrying the bag, but he also got out of Baton Rouge with the title intact.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss thanked European footballer Janine Van Wyk for her kind words on Twitter regarding the ongoing Women’s Revolution in WWE.

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