Rowan Betrays Daniel Bryan’s Trust As The Roman Reigns Mystery Continues

Daniel Bryan and Rowan came into tonight’s SmackDown Live expecting an apology from Roman Reigns, but both left with much different results. After demanding an apology from Reigns for going after the two, Reigns came into the ring tonight and showed a brand new video that revealed Rowan being on the scene for one of Reigns’ attacks. After the revelation, Bryan was livid, slapping Rowan multiple times before storming to the ring and telling Reigns that he had no idea he was being lied to.

“Roman, you have to know I hate liars,” he said. “I have trusted that man for almost the last year. I have been betrayed. I did not know anything. That man has lied to me. He has lied to me and betrayed me. Somebody has told Rowan to do this and it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me! Rowan has lied to me this whole time.” Unfortunately for Bryan, Reigns had no time for it, as he quickly speared Bryan and walked out, ending Bryan’s night without any apology.

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