Ricochet & Baron Corbin Advance In WWE King of the Ring 2019

Ricochet Beats Drew McIntyre In Hard-Fought Match To Advance In WWE King of the Ring

This week on WWE Monday Night RAW, Drew McIntyre and Ricochet faced off in one of the most intriguing matchups of the WWE King of the Ring tournament. Ricochet won a highly competitive match to advance in the tournament.

Early on, McIntyre overpowered Ricochet and tossed him across the ring. The Scottish Psychopath dodged a a moonsault to the outside and slammed Ricochet onto the barricade. McIntyre drove his opponent spine-first onto the apron. The Scottish Psychopath continued to ground the high flyer but Ricochet persevered and gained some momentum. A missile dropkick sent McIntyre to the outside and Ricochet nailed him with a dive to the outside.

McIntyre caught Ricochet and planted him with a nasty reverse Alabama slam for a near fall. Ricochet caught a charging McIntyre and suplexed him. The Scottish Psychopath won a battle of strength and tossed Ricochet again. A springboard clothesline dropped McIntyre, who floored the high flyer with a stiff right hand. A springboard kick off the steps rocked McIntyre and the Scottish Psychopath nailed Ricochet with a Glasgow Kiss. Ricochet countered a Claymore Kick but McIntyre floored him with a clothesline. A Recoil off the top and a 630 Splash earned Ricochet the win.

Baron Corbin Cleanly Defeats The Miz To Advance In WWE King Of The Ring 2019

In the second of WWE King of the Ring Tournament on RAW this week, the Miz met Baron Corbin in a first-round match. The Miz gave Corbin everything he had but Corbin triumphed and advanced to the next round.

Corbin dominated early on but the A-Lister showed some fight. A clothesline rocked the Miz and allowed Corbin to retain the momentum. The Miz dropped Corbin with a neckbreaker and took control of the match. Corbin floored the Miz with Deep Six for a near fall. Both men countered each other’s finisher and Miz planted Corbin with a DDT. Corbin almost rolled the Miz up and the A-Lister planted him with the Skull Crushing Finale for a near fall. Corbin nailed the Miz with the End of Days for the win.

After the match, Corbin put on the crown, sat in the throne and said the fans don’t matter to him. “On your very, very best day, you couldn’t accomplish a single thing I have,” said Corbin.  “All hail King Corbin.”

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