ROH Honor For All Live Results (8/25/19)

Four Corner Survival: Angelina Love (with the Allure) vs. Damaris Dawkins vs. Sumie Sakai vs. Jenny Rose

Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein joins the commentators before the match. Love grabs a microphone and says she’s already the number one contender for Klein’s championship. Love says she doesn’t need to be in this match and she tries to leave. Dawkins and Rose throw Love and Mandy Leon back into the ring. Dawkins and Rose gang up on Sakai before they fight each other.

They trade corner clotheslines and Dawkins hits Rose with a DDT. Love and Leon gang up on Rose and Dawkins hits Sakai with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Sakai hits her with a missile dropkick but Rose drops Sakai with a suplex. All four women are in a chain of headscissors. Rose slams Dawkins but Sakai breaks up the pin. Leon sprays Sakai in the eyes while Love distracts the referee. Love hits Dawkins with a Botox Injection for the win.

Winner: Angelina Love

After the match, Maria Manik comes to the ring and attacks Dawkins and Rose. Klein comes to the ring. While her back is turned, Love hits her with the Women of Honor World Championship. Manik chases Love to the back.

Silas Young (with Josh Woods) vs. PJ Black

Both men exchange technical holds and counters. They also trade pin attempts. Black gains control with some kicks and a double stomp. Young rocks him with a forearm and dominates the Darewolf. A hard Irish whip sends Black crashing into the corner and Young grounds Black. The Darewolf perseveres and rocks Young with some strikes. A diving punch and a springboard clothesline get Black a near fall.

Young dumps Black to the outside and Woods contemplates hitting him. Woods opts against it and argues with Young. While they argue, Black rolls Young up for the win.

Winner: PJ Black

Young refuses to shake Black’s hand and he continues to argue with Woods.

The Bouncers come to the commentators’ table with some beer ahead of the next match.

Vinny Marseglia vs. RUSH

Marseglia and RUSH exchange technical holds, German suplexes and dropkicks. A stuff forearm rocks Marseglia, who hits RUSH with a cutter outside the ring. Marseglia grinds RUSH’s head into the ring post. Both men exchange chops and Margseglia hits RUSH with a knee to the head. They exchange chops again and Marseglia slams RUSH for a near fall.

A nasty superkick rocks RUSH and he suplexes Marseglia into the corner. He tosses Marseglia into the barricade twice and slams him through a table. A stiff knee rocks RUSH and a side Russian legsweep gets Marseglia a near fall. A superplex plants Marseglia but he dodges a senton from the top. Marseglia hits Redrum for a close near fall. A nasty punch knocks RUSH off the top and RUSH pins him after the Bull’s Horns.

Winner: RUSH

Colin: This match marked the first time RUSH has really been tested in singles action. Marseglia nearly had the match won at a few points. Seeing RUSH look vulnerable humanizes him a bit; before this match, he had been a mostly dominant machine. This win might just be the most impressive victory in RUSH’s ROH career. It was also a great showing for Marseglia, who hasn’t gotten a chance to shine by himself lately. 

ROH World Television Championship: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Chase Owens

Owens crotch chops Taylor before the match and tells Taylor to calm down. The champion tosses Owens, who responds with some strikes and another two crotch chops. A stiff elbow rocks Taylor and Owens hits him with a dropkick through the ropes. Taylor nails the Crown Jewel with a shoulder block. Taylor chops Owens a few times and thumbs him in the eye. The champion hits Taylor with another strike and gets a near fall after a modified jawbreaker.

A quick kick to the chest gives Owens some momentum and the Crown Jewel takes Taylor down with a clothesline. A superkick floors Taylor, who slams Owens for a near fall. Owens can’t hit the package piledriver but he gets a new fall after a Jewel Heist. He still can’t hit the package piledriver and Taylor hits a running splash for a near fall. Owens asks Taylor for more punishment until a nasty forearm rocks him. Both men exchange strikes and a clothesline drops Taylor. A stiff knee floors the champion but Taylor demolishes him with a headbutt. Taylor hits a knee of his own for a near fall. Welcome to the Land puts Owens away.

Winner and still ROH World Television Champion: Shane Taylor

ROH World Tag Team Championship: the Briscoes vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

Jay Briscoe starts the match with Ricky Morton. They exchange strikes and Morton gains the upper hand. Morton dives through the ropes onto the Briscoes. Robert Gibson teams up with Morton to take down Jay. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express maintains the momentum until Mark hits Morton, which allows the champions to take over. Jay floors Morton with a punch outside the ring. The Briscoes continue to gang up on Morton.

Gibson tags in and clears house but the champions regain control. The Briscoes prepare to put Morton through a table but Gibson shoves Mark off the top and through the wood. The challengers hit Jay with a double suplex and a double dropkick for a near fall. Morton almost rolls up Jay for the win but a neckbreaker drops Morton. Jay pins Morton after an elbow drop off the drop from Mark.

Winners and still ROH World Tag Team Champions: the Briscoes

All four men hug and shake hands after the match. The Briscoes leave the ring and let the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express celebrate.

LifeBlood (Mark Haskins and Bandido) vs. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll and Brody King) 

Before the match, Scurll poses with his belt before the match and brags about being a champion. Bandido and Scurll start the match. The Villain refuses to shake his hand and tags in King, who shoves Bandido across the ring. Bandido stomps King’s foot and both men exchange counters. King lands on his feet after a hurricanrana and he hits one of his own. Haskins enters the ring and fires strikes at both his opponents. King accidentally hits Scurll with a clothesline. Haskins locks King in a modified chin lock.

King suplexes both Bandido and Haskins but LifeBlood teams up to slam the big man. A stiff strike floors Haskins and Scurll rocks him with a superkick. Scurll and King continue to isolate Haskins. King splashes Overkill for a near fall. Haskins hits Scurll with a kick to the head. Bandido tags in and takes Scurll down with a corkscrew dive. The LifeBlood duo dives onto Scurll and Haskins outside the ring. Bandido nails a Frog Splash on Scurll for a near fall. Scurll and King get a near fall after they team up on Bandido.

King rocks Bandido with a forearm and splashes him on Scurll’s knees. Haskins floors Scurll with a punch and all four men are down. Haskins nails King with a kick and LifeBlood teams up on Scurll for another near fall. Scurll locks Haskins in a Chickenwing but Haskins escapes. LifeBlood sends King crashing into Scurll. Bandido hits Scurll with a 21-Plex and Haskins makes Scurll tap to a Sharpshooter.

Winner: LifeBlood

Rhett Titus joins the commentators ahead of the main event.

Defy or Deny: ROH World Champion Matt Taven vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King vs. Jeff Cobb

All four men shake hands. Taven insults all three of his opponents and they gang up on him. Lethal and King break off into a fight of their own. Taven sends Cobb out of the ring and Lethal joins him. King knocks Taven off the apron and Lethal sends King to the floor. Cobb and Lethal square off and the Hawaiian Juggernaut floors Lethal with a shoulder block. Lethal suplexes Cobb but the big man bounces back up. Lethal hip tosses Cobb after the Hawaiian Juggernaut misses a standing moonsault.

Cobb suplexes Taven despite King’s best efforts to stop him. Lethal and King brawl at ringside. Cobb throws Taven all the way across the ring. King and Taven double suplex Cobb. Lethal fights both men but gets kicked by both of his rivals. King and Taven continue to work together and dominate Lethal. The two men attack Cobb but Lethal interferes. A backbreaker drops Lethal again. King nearly rolls up Taven and the champion argues with him. Cobb slams King onto Taven, who has Lethal locked in a Figure Four. Cobb helicopters Taven for a near fall. Taven demolishes King with a knee to the head for a near fall. Taven and Lethal exchange counters. Superkicks fly all around and Taven plants Cobb with a DDT. Taven hits Cobb with the ROH World title and gets disqualified. King hits Lethal with the title and pins him with the Royal Flush to eliminate him.

Cobb counters the Royal Flush but King nearly rolls him up. A snap German plants King and Tour of the Islands gets Cobb the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

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