Natalya: ‘Without NXT, I May Never Have Gotten The Opportunity I Needed’

In a recent blog for the Calgary Sun, Natalya discussed NXT’s move to the USA Network. Having competed at NXT TakeOver 2014, Natalya has a personal connection to the gold standard in sports entertainment. In the blog, Natalya said she was grateful for her time in NXT.

“‘Grateful’ is the one word I would use to describe my feelings for NXT,” wrote Natalya. ” I’m grateful in so many ways because, without NXT, I may never have gotten the opportunity I needed to show the world what I was capable of in the ring.”

Natalya also said she’s excited to see the brand on a more prominent stage. “I am also so excited for up and coming talent to experience huge growth performing on a larger stage each week,” wrote Natalya.”I can’t wait to watch the storylines unfold and see the men and women of NXT evolve and grow like Johnny Gargano.”

Natalya also quoted Garagano, Triple H and Big E, who have all shared their thoughts on NXT’s move to USA Network.

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