WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/27/19)

Backstage, Ember Moon and Bayley are talking. Lacey Evans interrupts and says she is the real face of this division. Moon and Bayley laugh.

In-Ring Segment: The Miz

Miz called Zayn is Nakamura’s spokesperson because he couldn’t hack it in the ring. Miz challenges Nakamura to an IC Title match at Clash of Champions. Zayn walks out on the ramp and laughs at Miz. Zayn tells Miz no matter how much Miz talks about the IC Title it doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to Nakamura. Zayn calls Miz the king of soft-style. Miz challenges Zayn. Zayn says that’s not how this works. Miz tries to attack Zayn but Nakamura attacks him from behind. Nakamura sends Miz into the barricade over and over again. Nakamura Kinshasas Miz into the apron LED board. Nakamura sends Miz back into the ring. Zayn holds Miz up as Nakamura hits another Kinshasa.

Kevin Owens walks into Shane McMahon’s office. Elias is playing his guitar. Elias tells Owens that Shane isn’t here.

Bayley vs. Lacey Evans

Bayley tosses Evans around the ring. Bayley locks Evans in a standing armbar. Evans bodyslams her way out of it. Bayley sends Evans out of the ring. Bayley clotheslines Evans. Charlotte Flair walks down to ringside. After the break, Evans is working over Bayley. Bayley fires up. Bayley puts Evans in an inverted figure-four. Evans gets to the ropes. Evans cuts Bayley off with an arm whip. Evans lands her double jump moonsault. Bayley kicks out. Bayley falls to the outside. Bayley suplexes Evans out on the floor. Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly. Evans puts her hand on the rope to break the three count. Bayley hits another Bayley-to-Belly. Bayley drops the elbow off the top for the win.

Winner- Bayley

Backstage, Bryan says Reigns owes them an apology.

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