Update On AEW Ticket Sales For Pittsburgh & Charleston

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Photo Credit: AEW

Tickets for the fourth and fifth editions of AEW on TNT went on sale this past Friday at noon and there is an update on how the ticket sales have been going so far.

The first three shows in DC, Boston, and Philadelphia all sold out within a few hours but that is not the case for the next set of shows. AEW and Ticketmaster used more security measures to stop scalpers from buying tickets as all purchasers had to enter a phone number and get a validation code sent to them to confirm they were not a bot. The system only allowed you to use the same number one time.

Also, after just a few hours of being on sale, the site pulled the feature of being able to choose your exact seats and instead showed you which sections were available. There was no way of knowing an exact number of seats available and where they were in the arena.

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Pittsburgh’s AEW show sold about 4,000 tickets on the first day. Charleston was just under this number but still seen as a success. To compare, WWE shows in Pittsburgh usually pull around 6K-8K fans. Of course, WWE has their events at larger venues than AEW so there is more seating available.

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