Jim Ross on WWE’s NXT Move: ‘Bring it On. Let’s Compete.’

Speaking on the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross spoke at length about the upcoming “Wednesday Night War” between All Elite Wrestling and WWE. Like many who’ve worked with the man, JR is not surprised at all that Vince is moving to compete with the new promotion. “Being laid back and letting AEW grow freely and independently was never going to happen. He feels threatened, for some crazy reason.”

Despite Vince’s feelings, JR still doesn’t see AEW as a promotion that’s truly going to compete with dominance, and that’s by design. “The goal of AEW is to provide a great product to lapsed fans and others with an athletically based, old-school oriented product. And to make a profit for the Khan family. It’s all about us. Not about them.” That being said, he sees the new competition that should motivate the AEW roster towards great things.

It should motivate all of our guys. They should see this as a competitive challenge. All I give a damn about is how well our show is going to be at All Out. Bring it on. Let’s compete. Hopefully, we won’t break down into some Mickey Mouse, infantile bullshit on either side.

You can listen to the full episode of Grilling JR embedded below:

Podcast quotes courtesy of Grilling JR via Fightful

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