LAX Tease A Name Change, Say ‘People Won’t Be Disappointed’ Where They Sign Next

Former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX are hinting at a possible name change as their contracts with the wrestling company expires. After starting out in IMPACT in 2017 and becoming multiple Tag Team Champions throughout their stint, it seems as if the duo is ready to move on, and they said fans won’t be disappointed with where they choose to go.

Speaking in an interview with Shining Wizards Podcast (via Fightful), LAX member Ortiz thanked IMPACT for taking a chance on the group, and the many veterans who helped teach them. “They took a risk on us, and it paid off. Them putting us in the best possible situation all the time definitely played a huge part in our success,” he said. “We were just able to take the ball and run it. Also, the fact that a lot of the veterans there, especially at that time, they all took the time to sit with us and spit knowledge. Tommy Dreamer, Abyss, Sonjay [Dutt] sat with us and were like, ‘Hey, maybe do this different. This will get you better in this way.’ Not a lot of places are like that.”

When asked whether or not the duo would still be using the LAX name, Santana said that they would be doing something else, but would still remain the same. “We’re gonna be doing our own thing. We’re still Santana & Ortiz, but we’re gonna be putting out something new.”

As far as where they’ll go, the group hasn’t said outright what decision they made, but thinks fans will be happy regardless. “We’re at a weird time where our contracts came up, right at a crazy time in wrestling. Of course people are talking about Wednesday night now. We just happen to be, as far as name-value, one of the bigger ones for our contracts to come up. People won’t be disappointed with our decision.”

Wherever the duo ends up, they’ll likely be just as electric and entertaining there, and promise to add an infusion of talent into whatever tag team pool they enter.