IMPACT Wrestling Results (8/23/19)

Havok vs. Alisha Edwards

Havok tosses Edwards around the ring. Backbreaker by Havok. Havok misses a leg drop. Edwards fires up and hit a wheelbarrow bulldog. Havok hits a tombstone for the win.

Winner- Havok

After the match, Eddie Edwards chases Ace Austin around the ring. Havok chokeslams Eddie as Austin mocks Eddie.

Moose says he thinks Ken Shamrock is just searching for attention.

X-Division Championship Match: Jake Crist (c) vs. Rich Swann

Crist attacks Swann as soon as the bell rings. head scissors followed by a dropkick by Swann. Swann dives off the top but Crist catches him with a superkick for a near fall. Crist suplexes Swann on the ring apron. Swann hits a senton off the stage. Swann lands a diving elbow for a near fall. Swann tries a leapfrog but Crist catches him and hits a DVD for another near fall. Scorpion kick by Swann. Swann hits a 450 of the second rope. Crist kicks out. Swann almost hits a cutter but Crist pulls the referee in the way. Crist rolls up Swann and pulls the tights for the win.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion, Jake Crist!

At the Deaner Farm, The Desi Hit Squad are put to work.

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