Rowan Reverts Back To Erick Rowan On WWE Website, Ricochet & Kacy Catanzaro Talk NXT

Rowan Reverts Back To Erick Rowan On WWE Website

If you are to check the Superstars page of, you’ll notice that Erick Rowan is no longer just listed as “Rowan” under his profile. Rowan lost the Erick back in 2017 when he and Luke Harper became the Bludgeon Brothers, but now with his alliance to Daniel Bryan and involvement in a major storyline involving Roman Reigns, we all get to know Erick on a first name basis once more. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for Luke Harper:

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Ricochet & Kacy Catanzaro Talk NXT

One of WWE’s power couples in Ricochet and Kacy Catanzaro caught up with Josiah Williams for a chat while both were at the WWE Performance Center. Josiah talked to the two about starting off at the PC on the same day and how Catanzaro became a huge presence on the PC’s YouTube channel:

In a special edition of On-Location, Josiah Williams chats with NXT’s Kacy Catanzaro and RAW’s Ricochet! They talk about their experiences in WWE, starting at the Performance Center on the exact same day, Kacy’s presence on the WWEPC YouTube channel, and much more.