Jim Ross Talks Bumps In The Road & The Greatness Of Danny Hodge

Jim Ross was on News 9’s “The Oklahoma Sports Blitz” with Dean Blevins out of Oklahoma City. During the interview JR got a chance to talk about getting back up after the tragic passing of his wife Jan in 2017, wrestling history both in and out of the state of Oklahoma, and the greatness of wrestling legend Danny Hodge. Quotes and full video are below:

Jim Ross talks about his wife Jan and persevering through hard times:

“She’s never out of my mind all the memories are there, they’re getting better, but life is good. I was listening to Joe Walsh on the way up here, ‘Life’s Been Good To Me.’ I kind of feel that way. We all got these bumps in the road, it’s our choice to get up.

“A fat guy like me, that can’t smile, has three bouts of Bells Palse, facial paralysis, is not supposed to have any sort of television career. I’ve been on TV since 1974 in one form or the other. Now, it’s been “wrasslin’,” but’s still on television.

“Jan would have been extremely happy that she’s getting me out of the house three days a week.”

Wrestling before contracts:

“None of those guys had contracts. Nobody had a contract in the 70s. Contracts started coming along in the mid-80s. And that was a blessing and a curse in some ways, but there’s no off-season.”

On the greatness and legacy of Danny Hodge:

“He’s the mac daddy. Danny Hodge is the greatest wrestler that ever lived in my eyes. The greatest of all time.”

DEAN BLEVINS: “I interviewed him once. I heard he could do it: I gave him an apple – he just squeezed the juice out of it.”

“Here’s what he does. I’m driving the car. Danny didn’t drink, didn’t do any drugs, but he had a sweet tooth. So he called me ‘Tiger,’ whatever reason, hell, I don’t have a clue folks, so he wanted a milkshake and he said, ‘Hey, Tiger, hey. Danny wants a milkshake,’ So he grabbed this [his wrist]. You’re looking for Dairy Queen, anything. Just let go of my wrist, please! He was that strong, that’s not an exaggeration. What a nice man, he’s still alive.”

(Transcription should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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