NXT Stars React To USA Network Switch, Corey Graves Teases Tom Phillips


NXT Stars React To USA Network Switch

The NXT to USA Network move had been rumored for quite some time for WWE in one format or another, and now, they’ve finally pulled the trigger on it. While the pressure may be on The Game certainly doesn’t seem to care about any of that noise, and the same goes for his wrestlers on the roster.

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Corey Graves Teases Tom Phillips

The absence of Corey Graves on commentary has certainly been evident this week, with fans all around the world giving their thoughts on the change. As we all know one of the trademark features of Corey’s commentary is the way in which he says Kinshasa, popularly known as the finisher of Shinsuke Nakamura.

Just in case you’ve been missing that, you’ll be able to see it in action next week as the countdown to SD Live’s big FOX move continues.