Triple H On NXT’s Move To USA Network: ‘This Isn’t The Destination, This Is The Start’

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Triple H spoke with about NXT’s big move to USA Network coming on September 18 where the show will air live weekly from Full Sail University. “The Game” reflected back on the journey the black and gold brand took to get where it is today, but also reiterates that this is just the start for his baby. Quotes and video are below:

“Yeah, I mean it’s been a crazy journey of something that I don’t think most people thought would ever happen, but this was kind of the vision of it. From starting out with a partnership with Full Sail University and having to bring in main roster stars to get us to be able to have enough people to put the show on each week, to where they got to the point where they didn’t want to see those main roster stars anymore, to where we stopped calling it “main roster” because NXT was just becoming white hot when we didn’t even have a distribution home for it. We’ve seen international here and the US it was just an eclipse. We were the first live show on the WWE Network, NXT Arrival was the the very first sort of TakeOver that we did and it was on the Network. It was so something live could go on Network. So very first live product seen on the WWE Network. A year after that, we were selling out, not just Full Sail University, but selling out the Barclays Center for TakeOvers. Over that journey, selling out all over the globe, selling out live events all over the globe: TakeOver after TakeOver after TakeOver after TakeOver, and now the opportunity to go on the #1 network on cable television, the USA Network, our partners. I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t be more proud, I said it in the beginning: this was going to be their brand. That’s why we hashtagged #WeAreNXT.

“As good as NXT is now, it’s only going to get better. This is going to expose a whole new side of NXT that people haven’t been able to see yet.

“I can tell you this about it, as excited as everybody is about this moment, this is the start. This isn’t the destination, this is the start. This brand is just getting started. So I look forward to that day and I look forward to going live and I look forward to showing the world that we are NXT.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

The man behind NXT speaks in depth about the black-and-gold brand’s journey from developmental brand to USA Network’s newest live show, and what the future holds for NXT as it embarks on its next chapter.

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