205 Live Results (08/20/19): Captains Challenge Match

Tonight’s 205 Live was a big one, as it featured Drew Gulak and Oney Lorcan gathering up four of their closest superstar friends for a five-on-five Captain’s Challenge match. With a big match on the horizon, the show promised to be an extremely fun one.

By the beginning of the show, the teams had been sorted, with Team Gulak (Angel Garza, Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, Mike Kanellis, & Tony Nese) set to go against Team Lorcan (Akira Tozara, Humberto Carrillo, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Jack Gallagher, & Oney Lorcan).

Check out below for the full results from tonight’s 205 Live Captain’s Challenge:

Mike Kanellis eliminates Akira Tozawa

  • Kanellis opened up the show by landing a brutal Cross Rhodes on Kanellis after some great in-ring action by both of the teams. Tozawa was left dazed by the attack and swiftly eliminated.

Jack Gallagher eliminates Mike Kanellis via pinfall

  • After taking down Tozawa, Kanellis was himself eliminated after Jack Gallagher landed a brutal headbutt on him immediately after Kanellis pinned Tozawa.

Tony Nese eliminates Jack Gallagher via pinfall

  • Things got worse for Gallagher after he took down Kanellis, as both Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari went to town on Gallagher. After throwing Gallagher to the ringside, Daivari tossed him back into the ring, where Nese promptly eliminated him with a sunset driver.

Oney Lorcan eliminates Tony Nese

  • This was one of the better parts of the match, with Lorcan and Nose going back-and-forth with the help of Swerve. However, it was Lorcan who finished things by finally landing a half-and-half on Nese to eliminate him.

Drew Gulak eliminates Swerve via pinfall

  • After helping Lorcan take down Nese, it was Swerve’s time to go, as he and Gulak got into a spat that resulted in Gulak landing a neckbreaker on Swerve. The attack was enough to leave Swerve out of it and net Gulak an elimination via pinfall

Drew Gulak is eliminated via disqualification

  • Unfortunately for Gulak, his night ended earlier than anticipated when he got himself disqualified. After Lorcan was able to fight off all of Gulak’s team, Gulak grabbed a steel chair and began assaulting him with it. After two or three swift strikes with the chair, the referee disqualified him.

Oney Lorcan eliminates Ariya Daivari

  • Lorcan and Daivari ended up tangling with each other towards the end of the match, and after missing a series of half-and-half attempts, Lorcan instead rolled up Daivari, which was good enough to get the elimination via pinfall.

Humberto Carrillo eliminates Angel Garza via pinball, winning the match for Team Lorcan.

  • The final victory for Team Lorcan came when Humberto Carrillo landed an incredible splash from the top rope on Ariya Daivari. With Daivari out, Carrillo managed to land a victory via pinfall, and he and his captain celebrated in the ring afterwards.

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