Daniel Bryan Reveals That A Rowan Lookalike Was Roman Reigns’ Attacker

Daniel Bryan finally unveiled who was behind the attacks on Roman Reigns throughout the last couple of weeks, and it was an unexpected – and unknown – face. At the end of tonight’s episode, Bryan finally pulled Reigns into the backstage area, where he had a man underneath a black tarp. After explaining to Reigns that this was the man who attacked him, he then pulled the robe back, revealing a man who looked nearly identical to Erick Rowan.

The man – sporting a bushy red beard just like Rowan – was clearly nervous, visibly shaking as he looked from Rowan to Reigns. Rowan himself also looked extremely confused, and Reigns seemingly couldn’t comprehend what he was looking at. With the man behind the attack seemingly revealed, it’ll be interesting to see what will come from it.


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