Bayley Accepts Charlotte’s Challenge At WWE Clash Of Champions

During the latest segment of Moment of Bliss, the show that Alexa Bliss puts on, Charlotte Flair came out to once again send more shade Bayley’s way. According to Flair, Bayley is not fit to be the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, and has devalued the title as a whole, and with Flair calling herself the face of the division, it was time for Bayley to come out.

Quickly grabbing a microphone, Bayley was quick to tell Flair that no matter, she was the champion. “Enough of the same old stuff,” she said. “The bragging, the insults. You can treat me like an afterthought all you want, you can do your red carpets, but it all sounds to me like a lot of excuses. At the end of the day, I’m the champion and that means I’m better than you. That just eats you up inside.”

After some more back and forth between the two, Flair challenged Bayley to a match at the upcoming Clash of Champions pay-per-view, to which Bayley agreed. Before leaving, however, Bayley shoved Flair to the ground, kickstarting a feud that is sure to culminate in a great match.

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