Rene Dupree Reminisces About Harley Race Knocking Out An Attacking Dog

Rene Dupree recently joined The Hannibal TV to discuss his career, and during the conversation, he gave a funny story about Harley Race. According to Dupree, Race actually stayed at his home during the 1990s while he was working with Rene’s father, Emile. During their time together, it seems as if Harley actually helped save Emile during one particular encounter with a dog.

“Harley Race, may he rest in peace, in 1990 he came and worked for my dad, and he stayed at our house and he was such a gentleman,” he said. “One night after the matches, him and my dad were out at the bar, and they cut through a yard to get back to their car, and as they cut through the yard, there was a stray dog, a pitbull, who was actually going to run up and bite my dad. So Harley, who had like a metal plate in his arm, I think he got in a car accident, actually smacked the dog, boom, knocked the dog out.”

The story is one that Rene can look back on with a laugh, and as the two go on to discuss, it seems as if Harley used the plate in his arm to many different degrees. Thankfully for Harley and Emile on that particular night, one of them was able to fend off an unwanted attack.