WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/20/19)

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Rowan bring a person into a room with a sheet on their head. Bryan says they know what this person did and if they move from the chair they will be sorry.

Backstage, Elias finds a referee hiding in plain sight. Elias opens a crate and Drake Maverick is in there. Elias grabs Maverick by the neck and hands him a piece of paper. Elias tells Maverick to read it. The 24/7 rules have been suspended for the night.

A Moment of Bliss

Charlotte Flair is tonight’s guest. Flair says she should be sitting in the King of the Ring throne. Bliss asks Flair if Trish Stratus passed the torch at SummerSlam. Flair says she didn’t pass the torch, Flair took it. Flair says Bayley isn’t the face of the Smackdown, she is. The title is an afterthought and it’s because of Bayley. Bayley comes out and tells Flair to stop saying the same thing over and over again. Bayley is champion so that makes Bayley better than Flair. Flair challenges Bayley to a match. Bayley accepts. Bayley pushes Flair out of her chair. Bayley laughs and walks away.

Backstage, Roman Reigns walks into the locker room and asks Murphy if he is lying to him, or if Bryan and Rowan are lying. Murphy says he is pretty sure it was Rowan. Reigns says Murphy better get his story straight by the end of the night.

Daniel Bryan w/Rowan vs. Buddy Murphy

Before the match, Bryan says they are going to reveal that Murphy is a lair and he had something to do with what happened to Reigns too. The bell rings and Murphy destroys Bryan with a running knee. Bryan lands a few strikes. Murphy clotheslines Bryan over the top. Murphy lands a dive. After the break, Murphy lands a double knee strike off the top. Bryan kicks out. Bryan kicks Murphy in the arm, then locks in the LeBell Lock. Bryan transitions into the Rings of Saturn. Murphy eventually gets to the ropes. Yes kicks by Bryan. Bryan yells at Murphy to stay down. Murphy keeps getting up.

Murphy ducks Bryan’s kick. Murphy lands one of his own. Bryan puts Murphy in the tree of woe. Delayed dropkick by Bryan. Bryan lands a back suplex off the top. Murphy traps Bryan’s head in the corner and hits a superkick. Running powerbomb by Murphy. Bryan kicks out. Murphy hits a brainbuster. Bryan gets his foot on the rope.  Rowan gets on the apron. Murphy superkicks him. Bryan runs into a high knee by Murphy. Murphy hits Murphy’s Law for the win!

Winner- Buddy Murphy

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