ROH Wrestling Results (8/17/19): Shinobi Shadow Squad vs. Villain Enterprises

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired August 17, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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A video package recaps the match between Lifeblood and Villain Enterprises that aired on last week’s episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling. Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay welcome viewers to the show and preview the card.

In a video package, Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein discusses her match with Karissa Rivera. Klein says she promised to give Rivera a shot at the title and this match is it.

Another video shows highlights of RUSH’s match with TK O’Ryan at Ring of Honor Manhattan Mayhem. RUSH tosses O’Ryan into the barricade a few times and poses. The Bull’s Horns get RUSH the victory.

Backstage, Shinobi Shadow Squad warm up for their match with Villain Enterprises. Riccaboni and McKay preview the Top Prospect Tournament and a video package recaps the complicated relationship between Josh “the Goods” Woods and Silas Young. The video includes highlights of Young’s match with PJ Black at Ring of Honor Mass Hysteria.

Women of Honor World Championship: Kelly Klein (c) vs. Karissa Rivera

Both women shake hands to begin the match. Rivera takes Klein to the mat and they exchange holds. The challenger hits a clothesline but it doesn’t phase Klein. A front facelock DDT plants Rivera. Klein slams the challenger twice and hits her with a backbreaker. A suplex takes Rivera down again. Klein hits Rivera with a fallaway slam but Rivera drops her with a big boot.

A dropkick knocks Klein down and a spinebuster plants the champion for a near fall. Klein pins Rivera with a fireman’s carry slam.

Winner and still Women of Honor World Champion: Kelly Klein

After the match, Sumie Sakai helps Rivera to her feet. Klein says Rivera has the endorsement of a legendary Women of Honor Champion and tells her she’ll get another chance at the title some day. The Allure (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) come to the ring and Sky insults the trio of women standing in front of them. Sky says Love should have gotten the opportunity to face Klein. Love says there’s a conspiracy against the Allure. Klein tells her there’s no conspiracy but the Women of Honor don’t want the Allure.

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