Conrad Thompson On CM Punk Starrcast III Negotations, Gives Insight On All Out Status

Conrad Thompson sat down with PWTorch Senior Columnist Bruce Mitchell as the two were both in attendance for The Gathering down in Charlotte, NC. “The Podfather of Wrestling” talked about booking CM Punk for Starrcast III and how that has no correlation or gives any indication that Punk will be at All Out. Conrad gives his upfront knowledge on the Punk situation as fans and media continue to speculate what the future holds for CM Punk as an in-ring competitor. Quotes from the interview are below (PWTorch VIP Membership required):

Conrad Thompson talks the “CM Punk at All Out” speculation: 

“But based on what I’m hearing, it’s going nowhere. I know a lot people don’t believe me when I say, ‘Oh I don’t work for AEW,’ but I don’t. Never compensated a dollar from AEW.”

“It’s definitely not going to happen and I feel like a lot people are thinking that I’m sort of not being forthcoming because I don’t want to spoil his surprise at All Out – he’s not at All Out. Like, AEW didn’t book him and this became some sort of a piggy back booking for me with Starrcast. I booked him as a standalone booking. There is no wrestling attached to this.”

BRUCE MITCHELL: “Now I do need to point out that the smart thing to say if this a conspiracy theory and if he is going to show up on the AEW show would be to say exactly what you’re saying.”

THOMPSON: “But no, here’s what I’m saying though, Bruce. I’m telling you this as my friend and not as the promoter of All Out. That show’s already sold out, I have no financial tie or interest, I’m telling you he’s not going.

MITCHELL: “No, I believe you, don’t get me wrong. I’m just covering that part.”

THOMPSON: “No, I understand why people just jump to that, but you know me in real life and you say, ‘Hey, what’s the deal with this?’ I don’t give you the political answer. I say, ‘Well, between me and you’ and we know that I tell you, ‘Hey, here’s the real deal.’

From a wrestling booking perspective, how he wouldn’t announce Punk’s appearance on TV ahead of time if he was the owner of a wrestling company:

“I wouldn’t even do that. I mean I appreciate that and to me, you need the surprise element in wrestling. CM Punk doing a surprise return to me, is way bigger and better. People have this thing of FOMO is real right now.”

“If you strut CM Punk’s ass out on the first AEW show or the first NXT show or the first SmackDown, wherever all these new shows are going to fall in our lap in October. To me, that’d be way better than showing him up on a PPV. You think Lex Luger showing up on Nitro is a big deal? CM Punk showing up anywhere on the first TV is a much bigger deal.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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