Edge Has Round Two With ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts,’ Two Wrestling Personalities Celebrate A Birthday Today

Edge Has Round Two With ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’

Edge was on “Celtic Warrior Workouts” last week and The Rated R Superstar returned again this week to work out with Sheamus. Edge wasn’t about staying stationary however, and took Sheamus to the elements to go mountain biking and get a little wood chopping done.

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… Those mountain folk really take their hospitality seriously. So much so, Edge insisted (with the help of some ropes!) that I stay on an extra day at his house in the hills and do some mountain biking and also chop wood for his winter stores. It didn’t so much feel like a workout at stages, more like domestic choirs. Canadians, eh?

The Mountain Biking element sure was an eye opener for me, taking fitness beyond just cardio to new adrenaline spiking levels while absorbing all that amazing North Carolina Sasquatch forest scenery. So impressed, I even bought the bike he had me cycling trails on! Karma also came calling for Mr. Copeland; the big time bike enthusiast took a tumble and grazed his arse while showing-off on the downhill side of our biking adventure. Well, it wouldn’t be Edge if there wasn’t a few war-wounds on the journey to… Brave Change.

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Two Wrestling Personalities Celebrate A Birthday Today

Lilian Garcia and Velveteen Dream are both celebrating some squared circled birthdays today. The Artist Formerly Known As Patrick Clark turns 24 today.